How do I change the graphics on my current pod?

So it’s time for a makeover? We can help!

If you need to change the graphics on your Mamava pod—a sponsor has changed, you’re running a new campaign, or it’s just time for a refresh—we can help guide you through the process of updating your graphics. You have two options: 


  • We will provide you with pod design guidelines and graphics templates to update your design. These templates are available for both Mamava Original pods and XL pods and provide a print-size file for each part of your pod.
  • We recommend asking your vinyl installer to visit the pod in person and measure the pod areas you plan on re-wrapping. Sometimes extra space—or “bleed areas”—need to be added to the files to allow room for trim. In addition, you’ll want to confirm that the vinyl is opaque enough to completely cover existing graphics. 
  • If you’re re-wrapping the front of your pod, make sure you include the Mamava logo and usage line. (You’ll find these in the pod front template.)
  • Email us a low-res PDF of your design for a quick review before moving forward with printing and installation:


  • Contact us to begin the process. 
  • A Customer Success Manager will then guide you through the process, gather the necessary details, and provide a quote for replacement graphics. 
  • Once you approve the quote, we’ll send our custom graphics templates and pod design guidelines for your design team to help your design process. 
    • Send us a low-res PDF of your design for a quick review.
    • When your design is complete, our printer will make sure there aren’t any file or formatting issues.
    • We’ll then send a proof for your approval. 
      • Once approved, we'll print the graphics for you and schedule a time for our technicians to come onsite and re-wrap your pod. 

      Contact to discuss your options