How do I replace the wire harness?

If you’ve completed the troubleshooting steps and narrowed down the issue to the wire harness—here’s how to install it.

You can narrow down the necessary replacement by using this article to troubleshoot.

Tools required

  • 1⁄8” drill bit
  • #19 drill bit
  • 5/32 rivets (2)
  • Rivet tool capable of installing 5/32” rivets


  1. Unplug the pod. 
  2. Remove the graphics cap, perforated roof pan, and ACM ceiling panel on the hinge side of the door.
  3. In the roof pan, disconnect the electrical connector at the top of the wall panel on the hinge side of the door. (This is the section of wire harness that travels down the wall panel and connects to the door contact switch).
  4. Use a string or wire as a “chase,” tie one end of the string to the wall panel wire harness that you’ve disconnected. Pull the new section of harness back through the wall panel. Your string or wire should be long enough so you can reach it on both ends. A word to the wise: be careful not to let the free end fall in the wall panel. We’ve been there.
  5. Use a 1⁄8” size drill bit to drill out the rivets in the door contact switch on the wall panel side.
  6. Gently pull the door contact switch and attached wire harness out until you can reach the end of the string/wire that's tied to the wire harness.
  7. Untie the string/wire and re-tie it to the new section of the wire harness. Tie the string/wire to the roof pan end of the harness near the electrical connector.
  8. Using the roof pan end of the string/wire, pull the new section of harness back up through the wall panel to the roof. 
  9. Use a #19 drill bit to open up the rivet holes. Then use a rivet gun and 5/32” sized rivet tire-mount and install the new door contact switch.  Note: Be sure to install the contact switch with the red wire in the top position.
  10. Connect the new wire harness electrical connector to the existing wire harness in the roof pan. (Hang in there—you’ve got this!)
  11. Reassemble the ACM ceiling panel, perforated roof pan, and graphics cap.
  12. Take a photo of the old wire harness and send it to Mamava:  
  13. Please mail the broken wire harness to Mamava at the address below so we can understand what went wrong and improve our future products:

180 Battery St #210

Burlington, VT 05401

Once you’ve replaced the faulty wire harness, be sure to test your pod’s occupancy status using this article.