What if the lights don’t turn on?

If the lights inside your Mamava pod aren’t working, there could be a few different reasons. Use the following steps to help narrow down the problem and identify the root cause.

Is the problem just the lights, or are the fans off too? 

  • If the fans aren’t working either, check out this article

If the fans work but the lights don’t, follow these steps to identify the cause in a V3.3 version pod or under. Not sure what version Mamava pod you have? This article will help.

Tools required

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • Step ladder

Test the electrical components

You'll need to access the top of your Mamava pod, so have your step ladder handy. 

  1. Use a large Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws in both roof panel retaining plates (at the top edge of the curved sides).
  2. Carefully remove the plates and then slide the roof panel to reveal the electrical components.
  3. Make sure the plug end from the light control box is inserted into the motion detector-controlled outlet.
  4. Confirm that all four wires from the four lights are properly inserted into the terminal blocks (only two light wires into each terminal block).Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 3.18.56 PM
If the lights work when plugged into the motion detector-controlled roof outlet, push the motion detector button to see if it is simply “off” before checking to make sure the motion sensor settings are correct.

Test the lights and fans

  1. Open the pod door with the app or the keypad.
    1. Pass: The lights and fans come on when you open the door and stay on for 30 seconds before shutting off.   
    2. Fail: The lights come on, but the fans don’t. 
  2. Enter the pod and lock the door behind you.
    1. Pass: The lights and fans stay on while you are in the pod. Woot! 
    2. Fail: The lights turn off at any point while you are in the pod. 
  3. Use the in-app features to change the lighting and fans. 
    1. Pass: You can adjust the lights and fans. 
    2. Fail: The fans don’t work, the lights flicker, or nothing adjusts. 

If your pod passes these tests, your pod is ready for moms! 

If your pod doesn’t pass these tests it could be one of two things: 

  1. You could have a lightbulb out. 
  2. You might need to replace the wire harness.

We recommend starting with the light bulb option first! Use these instructions to change the bulb.