Do Mamava pods have seismic anchoring?

Both Mamava Original and XL pods have a Seismic Kit offering. If your facility requires seismic anchoring, here’s an overview of the ordering process, as well as information on preparing your site for installation.

  1. Order your pod and Seismic Kit.

    Contact to order a Seismic Kit along with your XL or Original pod from Mamava. Once we receive your order for a pod with a Seismic Kit addition, your pod goes into production.

  2. Seismic Kit shipped.

    We will reach out to confirm your shipping address and send out your Seismic Kit. Once you receive it, we'll walk you through the full kit installation (including the steps you’ll need to take to drill the anchor holes into the floor).

  3. Prepare your pod site. 
    You are responsible for drilling the anchor holes in the floor where the pod will be placed. (You’ll find detailed instructions on page five in the assembly guide that comes with the kit.) Once you’ve drilled the holes, please email to let us know.
  4. Schedule complete installation.
    Mamava’s third-party installers will contact you to schedule a time to assemble your pod onto the bracketing system (anchoring it to the holes you drilled) and ensure it’s properly anchored.

You can find more information in the Seismic Kit assembly instructions. If you still have questions, reach out to