How can I make sure my Mamava pod is set up correctly?

Once your Mamava pod is installed, please take a few moments to ensure everything is fully functional for the breastfeeding and pumping mothers who will be using it.

Check your pod

  • The door closes easily and freely without rubbing against the door frame. If it doesn't, please address this by referring to the pod alignment and leveling instructions.
  • The deadbolt engages fully and easily. If it doesn’t, please address leveling and pod alignment
  • The interior lights and fans turn on automatically when the door opens. The lights and fans will go on after 30 seconds have elapsed.
  • All outlets (standard and USB port) work.

Test pod access

  • Test access with your keypad code by entering 8008 to unlock the door.
  • Make sure that the interior lights and fans come on (and stay on) after engaging the deadbolt lock.
  • Stay in the pod for a minimum of one minute.

Tell Mamava your pod is ready

Fill out all the fields and return this form along with the photo of your pod to

Note: You can find your pod's serial number on a white label inside the door frame (it starts with FCD or KPF - ####).