How do I fix my Mamava pod?

If your Mamava pod isn’t working, we’re here to help you troubleshoot the problem and resolve it ASAP. Because breastfeeding and pumping parents need clean, private spaces.

The first step is to consult our Service and Maintenance section in our Help Center.  From changing the lock battery to reconnecting the power cord, we’ve created a database of resources to help you diagnose the problem. Use the handy search bar to look for the specific issue you’re having and find the answers you need. 

Below is a sample of the kind of information you’ll find in our Help Center: 

  • Troubleshooting: Some problems have different causes, so we'll walk you through a few simple tests you can perform before giving us a call. 
  • Pod damage: Whether it’s shipping, wear and tear, or installation, we can help you get replacement parts. 
  • Warranty information: Wondering what’s covered under the warranty? Find the answers here. 
  • Pod malfunction: Is the door not locking? The lock not working? We can help.

Search the Help Center for your specific problem or take a look at the different subjects we’ve  collected and categorized by topic. (Okay, maybe we’re not librarians, but we DO have a lot of information about our pods and we love sharing it.) We hope you find the information and answers to solve your problems, but if not, we’re always here to help!