How do I install a hand sanitizer dispenser in a Mamava pod?

Install a hand sanitizer inside your Mamava pod to make it easy for breastfeeding parents to clean their hands.

How to install a dispenser

  • Unlock the pod according to the access decal information to the left of the keypad.
  • We recommended the dispenser be mounted using the guidelines below.  Measure and lightly mark placement with a pencil using the diagrams.
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 10.21.25 AM
  • Peel the backing off of the double-sided mounting tape on the back of the dispenser.
  • Align the dispenser on your markings and press it firmly against the pod wall for 60 seconds.
  • Open the dispenser at the top using the plastic key included with the dispenser.
    Key Push
  • Open the battery holder and insert four (4) C batteries.
    Open Battery Pack and On_Off
  • Remove the plug on the top of the container and fill with gel-based sanitizer.
    Free Fill Tank Cap
  • Replace the plug and close the dispenser.
    Inside Dispenser
  • Turn the power switch on (located on the side of the dispenser) and test to ensure the dispenser is working.

To order more hand sanitizer visit this webpage.  Have questions or concerns? Contact us at or (802) 347-2111.