How do I install a privacy panel on the roof of my pod?

Depending on where you place your Mamava pod, you may want to install a privacy panel on the roof to provide additional privacy from overhead. Here’s a step-by-step process to show you how.

What you’ll need

  • 4’ - 6’ ladder
  • Another human to help you

Install steps
  1. Unpack the privacy panel(s) from packaging. The number of boxes (shown below) may vary depending on which model pod you have.
  2. Set up your ladder and climb until you can see the pod’s perforated roof top. 
  3. Ask your helper to pass you the privacy panel(s). 
  4. Place the panel on top of the existing perforated pan. The panel doesn’t have sides, so it can fit in either orientation.

Privacy panels for the XL V5, Original V5 and Solo V1.1 have multiple panels, but they slide in easily on top of the existing roof sections.

 If the section you are placing goes over the PCD, take care to guide the PCD antennas through the corresponding holes on the privacy panel.

    5.   And that’s it—no screws or tools needed!

Your finished privacy panel will look like this:

 XL V5


 Original V4


 Solo V1.1