How do I level an XL (formerly ADA) or Original pod?

You’ll know you need to level your pod if the door isn't closing properly and the deadbolt isn’t latching.

But other issues—like uneven gaps around the door or a door rubbing against the door frame—are also indications that your pod isn’t level.  Leveling your pod may resolve all of these problems and make sure it’s fully functional. This article will guide you through the leveling process. You may also want to check out this video for additional help.

Tools Required

  • 9/16ths socket wrench
  • 5.5 mm hex key (or 7/32” equivalent)
  • A level (the longer the better)


  • Light working gloves are recommended as some of the edges are sharp
  • A small step ladder

Step 1: Access the leveling hardware inside your pod. 

The first step in leveling is to check the alignment of the pod as it sits on its casters. You want to make sure that the leveling feet are completely off the floor. 

  1. Remove the adhesive covers on the beauty panels, and stick them next to the Rotolock holes for now.
  2. Use your hex key to loosen the Rotolocks. 
  3. Remove the panel to reveal the heads of the red bolts. 
  4. One of each pair of bolts at each corner will be visible, while its partner is obscured by the bench frame. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 3.45.12 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 3.45.51 PM

Step 2: Raise the leveling feet until the pod rests on its casters. 

  1. Using your socket wrench, loosen each of the eight bolts (counterclockwise) until they turn easily by hand to raise the leveling feet. 
  2. Continue to raise the leveling foot bolts another inch to ensure the feet don’t get caught on any carpet or floor seams. 

Step 3: Lower the leveling feet and make leveling adjustments.

  1. Turn the bolts clockwise by hand until you’re no longer able to turn them, then tighten with a socket wrench 1 - 2 turns. 
  2. Place your level on top of the header. The level will show you which side of the chassis you need to raise or lower. It’s helpful to write down the adjustments you need to make.  
  3. Place your level on two other places: 
      1. The back horizontal edge of one of the benches 
      2. Against the wall on the shelf (for the Original, the lower shelf below the fold-down shelf)
  4. Then, consult your adjustment notes and lower the leveling feet by hand until you feel them touch the floor. You’ll know you’ve hit the floor when you can’t turn them anymore.
  5. Adjust the feet on the inside channel on both sides of the pod before you adjust the feet in the outside channels. (Lowering the feet will raise that portion of the chassis.)
  6. Repeat the leveling process until the pod is level.

Step 4: Test your pod. 

  1. Lock the deadbolt.
    1. Make sure any gaps around the door are even.
  2. Check the door to make sure it doesn’t rub against the door jam.

Step 5: Reassemble your pod.

How to assemble your Original Mamava (V4 or V5)

How to assemble your Mamava XL (V4 or V5)

  1. Once everything is fully level and functioning properly, reinstall the beauty panels underneath the benches. Hook the bottom flange onto the chassis first, then slide the top flange between the chassis and the bench.
  2. Lock the Rotolocks with your hex key and cover the holes with the adhesive patches.