How do I make sure the PCD is working in my Mamava pod?

The PCD (Pod Control Device) serves as a major electrical component of Mamava’s V4, V5 and Solo pods. If you’re having electrical or lock issues, it could stem from the PCD.

The following article applies to these pods:

  • Mamava Original V4
  • Mamava Original V5
  • Mamava XL V4 (formerly ADA V4)
  • Mamava XL V5 (formerly ADA V5)
  • All Solo pods V1, V1.1, V2.0)

Follow these instructions to make sure your PCD is working, either as a troubleshooting step or after it's been replaced. 

Step 1: Open the Mamava mobile app

  1. Verify that the description of the pod matches the pod’s physical description and location.
    1. If it doesn’t, or if you notice any discrepancies between the app and the pod, please use the form below to contact our support team. 
  2. Check the occupancy status on the app. 
    1. Pass: The pod is listed as “ Available” on the app when the pod is vacant. 
    2. Fail: The pod is listed as “Occupied” on the app when the pod is vacant. 
      1. Take a screenshot of the first mobile app screen and the screen with your selected pod.
  3. Select "unlock.” 
    1. Pass: The door unlocks. Woot!
    2. Fail: The door doesn’t unlock. 
  4. Enter the pod.
  5. Deadbolt the door.
  6. Check the occupancy on the app. 
    1. Pass: The pod is listed as “Occupied” (red) on the app. 
    2. Fail: The pod is still listed as “Vacant” even though it’s physically occupied. 
      1. Take a screenshot of this mobile app screen.

Step 2: Test the in-app experiences

  1. Use the Mamava app to adjust the pod’s interior lights.
    1. Pass: The lights adjust.
    2. Fail: The lights don’t adjust.  
  2. Adjust the fans.
    1. Pass: The fans adjust.
    2. Fail: The fans don’t adjust.
  3. Leave a note for the next breastfeeding parent- "Keep it up!"
    1. Pass: You can leave a note.
    2. Fail: You cannot leave a note.

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