How do I replace the 3D printed occupancy indicator?

If you’ve narrowed down the issue to the 3D printed occupancy indicator, here’s how to install the part.

Need to troubleshoot? Use this article  to help narrow down the problem.

You can determine what version pod you have with this article.

Tools needed

  • Phillips head screwdriver


  1. Open the pod using the code 8008 for Schlage locks (with keypad buttons), 8008# for Linnea locks (with a touchscreen), or with the key.
  2. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the back of the door.
  3. Follow the directions provided in the replacement part box and change out the old occupancy indicator with the new one.
  4. Once completed, use the troubleshooting steps below to ensure that the pod is working properly for moms.

Test your pod 

  1. Locate the pod on the Mamava app.
  2. The pod should say “Unoccupied” on the app.
  3. The lock on the door should display “Vacant.”
  4. Use the app to unlock the door. 
  5. Enter the pod and lock the door behind you, which should change the occupancy status to “In use” on the app. 
  6. Check the in-pod features available on the app to adjust the lighting and fans.
  7. Unlock the door and exit the pod to end your session. Check the app to make sure the pod is now identified as “Vacant.” 
  8. Now your Mamava pod is ready!