How do I replace the PCD on a Mamava pod?

The Pod Control Device (PCD) is the "brain" of the Mamava pod that allows access through the Mamava app and powers the lock, lights, and fans. You’ll find instructions for replacing your Mamava pod’s PCD below.

If you suspect that a malfunctioning PCD could be the root cause of your pod’s problems, contact us so our Service team can help you troubleshoot. 

If you need to replace your pod’s PCD, we’ll help coordinate your replacement. Send back your old one and your replacement PCD is free! 

Please note that we’ll replace your PCD for free, as long as we receive the old PCD within 45 days. If we don’t receive the old one, you will be charged $400.

If you would prefer to have a technician come onsite to replace your pod’s PCD, we can send you a quote for that service. Please contact us for more details. 

Installing a PCD

Instructions are for Mamava XL V5 (formerly ADA V5), Mamava Original V5, Mamava XL V4 (formerly ADA V4), Mamava Original V4 lactation pods.

Tools required

  1. #3 Phillips head screwdriver
  2. Pliers for removing plastic rivets
  3. A 6’ ladder
  4. New PCD (supplied by Mamava) 
  5. Return label to send old PCD back (supplied by Mamava)


  1. Use a ladder to access the roof of the pod.



  • Remove the 8 plastic rivets holding the Perf Pans in place and remove the pans from the pod.


  • Remove the 4 plastic rivets holding the Perf Pan in place and remove the pan from the pod.
  • The PCD is located in the middle Roof Pan.


  • Remove Perf Pan (F109) and Roof Caps (F103) by removing the 7 screws shown in red, below.


  • Remove Perf Pan (F109) and Roof Caps (F104) by removing the 7 screws shown in red, below.
  • The PCD is located in the Back Roof Pan.

     2.    Place your ladder inside the pod.

     3.    Access the PCD and unplug the black power cord from the PCD (located on the right side).                     The green light will turn off. 

     4.    Here’s a visual guide for all of the PCD components. (If your model does not have audio                             exciters, these will be empty.)

    5.    We recommend that you pull out one plug at a time, disconnect the wires from the old PCD,                  and immediately connect them to the new one in the correct port of your new PCD.

  • Here’s a photo for how the PCD should look after.

    6.    Remove the old PCD from the mounting bracket—a little twist does the trick—and snap the                    new one in place. 

    7.    Reconnect the PCD power cord to the new PCD. If your Mamava pod is plugged in, the green                light on the PCD should light up immediately. 

    8.   Within a minute, the lights and fans should turn on (if your pod has audio exciters you’ll also                   hear three beeps), then turn off after 30 seconds. These are the happy lights and sounds of                     your new PCD rebooting. 

  • Before replacing the Roof Panels, run through these tests to ensure the PCD is functional:
    1. Door unlocks with keypad 8008.
    2. Lights and fans come on upon entry.
    3. Lights and fans stay on after the deadbolt is engaged. 
    4. Interior outlet works.

    9.   Reassemble your pod by replacing the roof caps, graphics caps, and perf pan.

 10.   Now it’s time to alert the Mamava team! Please email or call (802) 347-             2111 to let us know that your PCD has been changed out. 

 11.   Once we update your information, the app will recognize your pod and you can test                                     functionality with the instructions below.

Friendly reminder—if you don’t call us to let us know your PCD has been updated, your pod will not sync with the app, and breastfeeding parents won’t be able to unlock it.  

Test Your Pod 

After your pod’s information has been updated in our system, please run the following tests.

  1. Open the Mamava app.
    1. Verify that the description of your Mamava pod in the app matches the physical description. 
    2. Make sure your pod displays as “available” (green) when you’re standing outside the pod and it’s vacant. 
    3. If the app lists your pod as “available,” unlock the door, enter the pod, and lock the door behind you.  
    4. Once you’ve engaged the deadbolt, the pod description on the app should turn to "occupied" (red). 
  2. Use the in-app experiences.
    1. Dim the lights using the Mamava app. 

If any of these tests fail, please call us so we can help determine the issue (802) 347-2111 or email us with results of the test

Return the PCD

Use the return label provided to return the PCD. If we don’t receive the PCD within 45 days, we’ll send you an invoice for $400. Sending back the PCD will cancel out that invoice.