How do I talk about Mamava to employees or guests?

We know it’s not always easy to talk about breastfeeding, but the more we talk about it, the more we normalize breastfeeding—and change our culture to be more supportive for new parents. To help out, we’ve created this guide to share with your teams.

Great news! We’ve partnered with Mamava, the leading expert in lactation space design, to offer breastfeeding employees and guests a private and comfortable Mamava pod for pumping or nursing. 

This guide will help you answer questions about our lactation accommodations—and what to do if there’s an issue.

Your pod(s) is/are located:_______________________________________________

What’s a Mamava anyway?

Mamava pods are private, clean places to pump breast milk or nurse a baby.

Mamava pods are intended only for breastfeeding and pumping, not changing diapers, charging a cell phone, or anything else. If you or a guest notice misuse of your Mamava pod, please contact:__________________

Here are some key features we think you’ll love.

  • Easy access: The Mamava app unlocks the pod with the touch of a button—no need to ask for a key. 
  • Total privacy: Once inside, parents can deadbolt the door for peace of mind. Others who need the pod can sign up for vacancy alerts in the Mamava app so they know when the pod is free. 
  • Designed for pumping: The Mamava pod has a comfortable bench, outlets (and a USB port), and a shelf for a breast pump. In Original and XL pods, parents can dim the lights with the app. Plus, the pod’s easy-to-clean surfaces provide a sanitary space to make milk. 
  • Breastfeeding support and tips: Breastfeeding parents can read and leave notes for others in the app, as well as find helpful resources and tips.

How should we talk about the pod with employees and/or guests?

Make sure people know the pod is available to them—but never tell someone that they need to breastfeed their baby in the space. Breastfeeding parents have the right to feed their babies however and wherever they choose. But some prefer privacy for nursing or have babies who are easily distracted. Others may need help containing a toddler while feeding an infant. 

How do employees/guests get into a Mamava pod?

The easiest way is with the free Mamava app, which opens the pods—via Bluetooth—with a press of a button. The app also shows pod availability, occupancy status, and offers vacancy alerts. The free app is available on the IOS App Store or Google Play.

What if someone can’t get in with the app?

  • Give them a code to type into the keypad.
  • Let them in with the traditional brass key provided with your pod.

Why isn’t there a sink in a Mamava?

Including plumbing would significantly reduce the mobility and affordability of the pods for too many facilities.

Why isn’t there a changing station?

Mamava pods are designed for food prep. Changing diapers in a pod makes them function more as a bathroom.

How can I be sure a Mamava is clean?

The interior surfaces of Mamava pods are made of food-service grade material designed for easy sanitization. Mamava recommends that pods are cleaned on the same schedule as the bathrooms.


Wondering how to share the news about your Mamava pod with the larger community? Use our go-to guide full of helpful tips and templates to help you spread the word!