How do I test that the occupancy status is working? (V4, V5, and Solo)

Running through these three short tests will help narrow down the issues with your pod. It’s also a good idea to do these after replacing parts to assure your Mamava pod is back up and fully operational.

Before you begin, use this article to determine the type you have. The instructions below are for V4, V5 and Solo pods. 

Initial Connection

  1. Unplug the pod and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in.
  2. This will cause the pod to reboot, so the lights and fans may come on.  
  3. You may hear three loud audible beeps that come from the pod’s control device.

Test the Schlage Lock

Next, test to see if your Schlage keypad lock is working correctly. 

  1. Can you open the door without using the keypad code or the mobile app?
    1. No: Pass
    2. Yes: Fail 

Test the Mamava Mobile App

Finally, make sure your pod is working correctly on the Mamava app.

  1. Does your pod appear on the Mamava app and are you able to unlock it? 
    1. Yes: Pass. You see your pod on the app and you’re able to open the door. 
    2. No: Fail. Womp womp. You don’t  see your pod on the app at all. 
    3. No: Fail. The app doesn’t register that the pod is vacant and available. 
  2. Does the occupancy indicator on the app change to “Occupied” after you enter the pod and lock the door behind you? 
    1. Yes: Pass. Woot! The Occupancy indicator on the app turns to “Occupied” (red).
    2. Fail: Pod does not say “Occupied” (red) on the app.
  3. Are you able to adjust the lights and fans with the app? 
    1. Yes: Pass. You are able to adjust the lights and fans. Your pod rocks!
    2. No: Fail. The fans don’t work, the lights flicker, or nothing adjusts. 

Did your pod pass all of these tests? 

Yes: Congratulations! Your pod is ready for moms.

No: If your pod fails any of these tests, you’ll need further assistance from Mamava. (But you don’t have to go to the principal’s office!).

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