How do I test that the occupancy status is working? (V3.3 and under)

The tests described in this article will help you narrow down the issues with your Mamava pod. It’s also a good idea to use this test any time you replace pod parts.

There are two different versions of Mamava pods so use this article to determine what type you have.


Test 1: Make sure the deadbolt display is "vacant" on the outside of the pod.
    1. Check the status of the pod on the Mamava app. If the app indicates that your pod is occupied, open the door with 8008 code on the keypad.
    2. If the app says "Vacant," please open the door with the app.

Test 2: App status change

  1. With the door open, stand outside the pod so that you can see the vacant/occupied indicator on the outside of the door. Slowly cycle the deadbolt between occupied and vacant. The app status should not change when you do this action. We just want to make sure that the deadbolt works properly. 
  2. Now enter the pod, close the door, and toggle the deadbolt between occupied and vacant.
  3. Does the occupancy status in the app change with the physical status of the deadbolt?
    • Yes: Pass. 
    • No: Fail. 

Did your pod pass all of these tests? 

Yes: Congratulations! Your pod is ready for use.

No: If your pod fails any of these tests, you don’t have to go to the principal’s office, but you do need help from Mamava.

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