Can I adjust the lights in the pod?

Mamava's in-app controls let you adjust the lighting in many of our lactation pods.

Lights  can be adjusted in Mamava XL and Original V4 and V5 pods, as well as in  Solo V1 and V1.1 pods. Not sure which version you are using?  Learn more here.

In order to make adjustments, you must unlock the pod using the free Mamava app, so be sure your Bluetooth is on. If you use the keypad to open the pod, the app won’t register that you’re in the pod—which means you won’t be able to adjust the lights. 

Once you have accessed the pod using the app, engage the deadbolt. In the app, you’ll now see a new screen with controls to adjust the lights.

Please note, fans are no longer adjustable with the Mamava app and are set to optimal air exchange rates.