How should I prepare for my Mamava pod delivery?

Your Mamava pod is arriving soon, which’s nesting time! Use our checklist to make sure your site is ready.

In the “Preparing for Your Mamava” document you will find: 

  1. Product specs for both the pod and shipping carton. 
  2. Tips to help you pick the perfect spot for your pod. 
  3. Information on receiving your shipping carton on delivery day. 
  4. An overview of the assembly process.
  5. Tips on things you can do to prepare for assembly. 
  6. Recommendations on additional amenities for your pod. 

Preparing for your Mamava can be found here.  (For Solo V1.1 models it can he found here.) 

Ready-Set-Go: A Site Checklist for Your Mamava Pod 

Use this handy checklist to make sure your site is ready for your pod! 


    The site is close to a dedicated standard 15-20 amp or 120v receptacle/outlet (the 
                 pod has a 4’ power cord). These look like:


   The site has a level floor surface (and you’ve confirmed this using a 3-foot level).

Ceiling clearance

   The site has a ceiling clearance of at least 8’ 6” (and you’ve double-checked this with 

                a tape measure). 

Space for door swing

The site has ample space to allow for the pod’s door to open and close without interference. 

             Door swing clearance will depend on the pod you ordered:  

  • XL: 36” door swing
  • Original: 35” door swing
  • Solo 2.0: 32" door swing I Solo V1.1: 18” door swing