Mamava Solo V1.1 Assembly Guide

Congrats on your new Mamava Solo lactation pod. The Solo is comfortably compact and equipped with everything pumping parents need. If you misplaced the assembly guide that comes with the unit, we've included one here.

Not sure which version Solo you have? Use this link to find out. If you have a Solo V1 pod, you can find assembly instructions here. If you have a Solo V2 pod, you can find assembly instructions here

Solo V1.1 Pod Dimensions

  • Square footage: 14.5 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 380 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 5’W x 2’10”D x 7’3”H

You will need a cordless drill with Phillips Screwdriver Bit to disassemble the shipping crate.  Please do not use the drill when assembling the pod.

To assembly your Mamava Solo V1.1 lactation pod, use this guide or follow along with our step-by-step video