The touchscreen keypad lights up but the pod won’t unlock via the app. What’s wrong?

If the keypad lights up but the app won’t unlock the pod, it’s likely that Bluetooth is not enabled or the lock was not initialized correctly. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot. 

Note: Please follow the steps below if you have a pod with the Linnea Lock (with touchscreen keypad).

Confirm Bluetooth is working 

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Additionally, make sure that you have allowed the app to use your Bluetooth. Go to your phone settings and find the Mamava App icon. Toggle to Enable the app to use your phone’s Bluetooth.

Confirm that the lock was initialized correctly 

If you activate the keypad and it lights up, but you hear, “Please add a Bluetooth Administrator” it means the lock initialization was not completed properly in production. Please contact Mamava Service at to assist with proper initialization.