What additional amenities can I add to my Mamava pod to keep it clean?

Mamava pods are designed to be a clean and private lactation space. Adding sanitization amenities to your pod will give breastfeeding parents additional peace of mind.

Hand sanitization

Provide easy on-site sanitization with hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Learn more about Mamava’s easy-to-install sanitization supplies here


Trash can 

Mamava lactation pods are designed solely for feeding and making milk—not for changing diapers. But having a trash receptacle nearby is handy. We recommend that you place the trash can outside the pod to avoid messy situations and unpleasant odors. Check out our all-in-one  sanitizing wipes dispenser with built-in trash can


Helpful signage

Providing a number to call or location to visit if there's a problem with the pod goes a long way in keeping breastfeeding parents happy with your lactation support. You can download the templates for these signs here.

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Even more ideas! 

Check out this webpage for more of our cleaning product faves. 

Have questions or concerns? Contact us at customersuccess@mamava.com or (802) 347-2111.