What are the dimensions of the Mamava Solo pod?

The Mamava Solo is a comfortably compact lactation space, equipped with everything pumping moms need.


5’ W x 2’10” D x 7’3” H*

Square footage: 14.5 sq. ft 

Weight: 380 lbs (Solo V1.1) / 390 lbs. (Solo V1)

Door swing: 18” 

*Pod height does not include a 4” antenna, which can be folded down to 1/2 inch if necessary.

Shipping carton

7’9”W x 2’10”D x 4’2”H** 

Total shipping weight: 490 (Solo V1.1) / 500 lbs (Solo V1)

Total weight of the installed pod: 390 lbs

**Dimensions include the cribbing on the bottom of the pallet, which provides pallet jack or forklift access.