What are the interior decal options?

Mamava’s interior decals make it easy to provide local contact information inside your pod for assistance.

We recommend providing contact information inside your pod should anyone in the pod need local assistance or have a service issue to report. Our interior decal options make it easy for you to list the best numbers for your facility. 

Decal options

For assistance:


For service or maintenance: 


For assistance and service/maintenance: 



We recommend placing your decals on either side of the door so they’re in direct line of sight. 

Print options 


Download this .zip file with editable PDFs. Select the decal you want to use, drop in your copy, and print on adhesive paper or send to a local printer.

Full service

Email customersuccess@mamava.com to let us know your preferred decal option and copy.  We’ll email you a proof for your approval, then have the decal printed and mailed directly to you.  Fees may apply.