What are the options to display my pod on the app?

This article outlines the options for listing your Mamava pod on our free mobile app to empower breastfeeding parents to find pods.

Select the right listing for your pod’s location and context


Listing your pod as “Public” on the Mamava app means that the pod is for all breastfeeding and pumping parents to use. When parents search for lactation spaces on the app—whether they’re planning ahead or in need of a space—your pod will appear in the search results and empower them to unlock the pod.

Best for: Providing full access for breastfeeding and pumping parents on the go. 

Limited Access

Listing your pod as “Limited Access” indicates that the Mamava pod has access requirements.  For example, your pod may only be available for patrons of your business and/or your employees, or placed in a location that requires a ticket to access. Your pod will still show up in searches, but will be designated as Limited Access. If the breastfeeding parent meets the access requirements, they can use the app to unlock the pod.  

Best for: Limiting access to patrons, employees, ticket holders, or during certain hours or events, etc. 

Let us know how you want your Mamava pod listed on the app by filling out this short form.