What do I do if the Mamava pod doesn’t have any power?

Mamava lactation pods are plug-and-play, but if the power isn’t on, here’s the fix.

The most common reason the power in the pod isn’t working is that the pod’s exterior plug has been unplugged. (These things happen!) Exit the pod and look behind the pod to check to see if the pod’s power cord is plugged into the outlet. If not, plug it back in (or request a facility member to plug it in for you). We also recommend hitting the small “reset” button on the outlet. Please don’t try to move the pod! 

If the pod is plugged in and you still don’t have power inside the pod, please report this issue directly to the facility that owns the pod so they can resolve it ASAP.  Many facilities include on-site contact information inside the door. If there isn’t any contact information, please fill out this form and we'll reach out to the facility to alert them that their pod needs attention.