What is the Mamava mobile app?

The Mamava app is a free locator app that helps breastfeeding and pumping moms find over five thousand approved lactation spaces wherever they go!

Moms can unlock Mamava pods, adjust interior lights and air flow, find helpful resources, and leave other moms digital notes of support. 

The app lists two types of lactation spaces: 

  • Mamava pods: private and secure spaces with roomy benches, a space for a stroller, and a place to plug in a breast pump.
  • Other lactation spaces: User-submitted spaces (vetted by Mamava) with reviews and photos so moms know what to expect.

The app empowers moms to find private places to pump, but it does even more:


Unlock Mamava pods with one tap.

  • Mamava’s smart lock ensures pods are secure for intended users only—breastfeeding and pumping moms!
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on—that’s how the magic happens. 

Helps moms plan and find the lactation spaces ahead of time.

  • Moms can find and scout out lactation spaces along their route and at their destination.
  • Bookmark favorite places.

Add new lactation spaces. 

  • Moms can pay it forward by adding new lactation spaces to help the next mom in need of a place to pump or breastfeed. 

Find inspirational content. 

  • Mamava’s Pumpcast videos with expert breastfeeding tips.
  • Resources to support breastfeeding and pumping moms.
  • Information about federal and state lactation accommodation laws. 

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