What upgrades are available for my pod?

Breastfeeding and pumping parents will appreciate having a dedicated lactation space. If you’d like to enhance their in-pod experience, we offer the following upgrades.

Medela Bundles

Give parents one less thing to carry. Install Medela’s multi-user hospital-grade breast pump in your Mamava pod and offer all of the essentials.


Refrigerator Cabinet

Streamline the logistics of milk storage by installing a refrigerator directly inside the pod. Available for both Original and XL lactation pods, the fridge option replaces one of the seats.

The refrigerator cubby has an opening of 20.5" W x 18" D x 12.75" H. The compact refrigerator is purchased separately and should not exceed 20” W x 18” D. We recommend a refrigerator height of 25” or less. 

Original-Interior_LeftCubby-Fridge-SM_1G4A1695 (1)

Enhanced Privacy Panel

An enhanced privacy panel provides additional privacy from above our XL, Original, and Solo V1.1 pods.

Seismic Kit

Add a seismic kit designed to help anchor the pod in an earthquake. Available for the XL and Original pods. 


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