When I move my pod, how do I update the location on the Mamava app?

Contact the Mamava team any time you move your pod so that we have accurate location information on our app.

Mamava pods were intentionally designed to be easy to move to adapt to changes in traffic patterns or need. But when you change a pod’s location—even within the same building—please let us know so that we can update the Mamava app and website location finder accordingly. Having current information is essential to help breastfeeding parents find the pods when they need them. (Trust us—there’s nothing more frustrating than planning a pump session only to arrive at the lactation location and find it missing!) 

Once you’ve moved your Mamava pod to its new location, please email customersuccess@mamava.com or call us at (802) 347-2111 ext 2. with the following information:

  • Pod address (if different)
  • Description of pod location (i.e. floor number, what the pod is near, etc.)
  • A photo of the pod in its new surroundings