Where should I put my Mamava pod?

There are a number of important factors to consider when you're scouting the best location for your Mamava pod(s).

Mamava’s lactation pods are intended for indoor use only.

  1. Make convenience to breastfeeding parents your top priority
    We recommend placing your pod near a bathroom for easy access to a sink or changing table.  Plus, displaying your Mamava near other amenities demonstrates your support for breastfeeding. 
  2. Make sure the pod fits the space
    You will need an 8’6’ ceiling during the assembly. You will also need additional clearance so the side panels can slide in from above for the Original and XL pods.

    Mamava Original and Mamava XL
    Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.00.33 AM
    Mamava Solo V2.0 and Solo Base
    Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.32.39 AM
  3. Ensure privacy
    If your model has a perforated roof (XL/Original V5, Solo V1.1), avoid placing it in a stairwell, directly underneath security cameras or anywhere that provides an overhead view.
  4. Place the pod within 2’ of a standard outlet
    The Mamava pod comes with a GFCI-protected electrical cord that plugs into a standard 20A 120V receptacle. The pod draws about 6.5 amps of power.  Be sure the cord does not span any walkways.  
  5. Consider temperature
    Vent fans help to move air, but do not heat or cool the pod. Place your pod in an area that’s comfortable in terms of temperature.
  6. Ensure cellular service or WiFi
    Breastfeeding parents need cell service or WiFi to open pods with the Mamava app. (Does not apply to the Solo Base model.)
  7. Find a flat surface
    Place your Mamava on a flat, consistent surface. Not advisable: grouted tiles, brick, or sloped floors. Low-pile carpets are OK.
  8. Assemble the pod as close as possible to the final location site
    Once assembled, the Original and XL pods (optional add-on for Solo V2.0) can move on caster wheels, but consider this furnishing like you would a refrigerator—you don’t want to be scooting it too far or up sloped surfaces. 
  9. And last but not least, please take when moving your  Mamava pallet
    • Use a forklift or pallet jack to move your Mamava pallet from the truck, and a cart or dolly to move it to the assembly spot.
    • If you’re welcoming multiples (woot!), don’t stack Mamava pallets on top of each other at any time.
    • Unless you have long forks, lift the the pallet from the long side and  not the narrow end.
    • Consider the dimensions of the pallet as you plan your route from delivery site to assembly spot.
    • We hope you’ve found the perfect spot to place your Mamava  for the long term! If you should ever need to move the pod, refer to this article for instructions.