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Who do I contact if the Mamava pod is dirty?

Mamava pods are owned, maintained, and cleaned by the facilities that purchase them.

We're pumped you found a Mamava pod when you needed one, but not happy that it wasn't the clean and serene space it was designed to be. While we ask that moms clean up after themselves (and most moms do, because they’re moms and moms get it!), facilities are solely responsible for their pod's routine maintenance and cleaning. We recommend that you contact Customer Service at the facility directly—and promptly—to share your feedback about the state of their pod.   

We’re also happy to reach out to our contacts at the facility to let them know their pod needs some TLC (tender loving cleaning!) pronto. Here are a few ways you can reach us:

  1. Submit your feedback directly in the app. We’ll see the notification and share it with our contacts at the facility. 
  2. Tweet us (and the facility!) @MAMAVA so we can help them make it right. 

Email us at hello@mamava.com and we’ll pass along your feedback to our contacts at the facility.