Why aren’t the fans working?

If the fans in your Mamava pod aren’t working, the cause could be a faulty fan or an incomplete electrical connection. Here’s how to check and see what you’re dealing with.

Tools required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Step ladder

Check out the hardware

Find out which version of the pod you have here.

You’ll need to access the top of the Mamava pod, so have your ladder handy.

  1. Use a large Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws in both roof panel retaining plates (at the top edge of the curved sides).
  2. Carefully remove the plates and slide the roof panel to reveal the electrical components.
  3. If the fan(s) are constantly on, check to make sure they’re plugged into the correct outlet on the roof: one fan is only powered with the motion detector, the other is always on.
  4. If the fans aren’t running, make sure the plug end is inserted into the motion detector-controlled outlet and the other end is firmly plugged into the fan itself.
  5. If the fans don’t work when plugged into the motion detector-controlled roof outlet, push the motion detector button to see if it is simply “off” before checking to make sure the motion detector settings are correct.

If you find that the pod’s fans are broken and need to be replaced, click on "Contact us" at the top or bottom of this page.  As soon as you have your replacement part, this article will walk you through the replacement process.