Why do I have two keys for my Mamava pod?

Your Mamava lactation pod comes with multiple keys: one emergency deadbolt lock key and 1-2 traditional brass keys that are specific to your lock.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 12.42.46 PM

It’s important that you store these in a safe place and make duplicates if possible. 


Emergency deadbolt key

You can purchase additional deadbolt keys from Schlage or other retailers. Search for Schlage 61509 Emergency Release Key, B571 Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt Key. 

(Solo Base pods only come with an emergency deadbolt key.)


Schlage lock 

The Schlage lock (with raised keypad buttons) comes with one key that is individually keyed. Local retailers can duplicate the key for your Schlage FE575 lock. If misplaced, you’ll need to contact a locksmith, as we don’t keep copies. (Not available for the Solo Base).


Linnea lock 

The Linnea lock (with touchscreen keypad) comes with two keys that you are responsible for keeping track of. Contact service@mamava.com in the event you lose your keys and we may be able to send you a replacement depending on which version of the lock you have.