Why isn’t the pod roof completely closed?

Most Mamava pods have open-grid roofs to circulate air and to help occupants hear safety messages in public places. (The Flex, Solo V2.0, and Solo V2.1 come standard with a solid felt roof.)

Mamava Original, XL and Solo V1 roofs

Open-grid roofs on Mamava  XL, Original, and Solo V1 maximize fresh air circulation, help breastfeeding parents hear public emergency messages, and comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire codes.


Flex, Solo V2.0, Solo V2.1 roof

The Flex V1.0, Solo V2.0, and Solo V2.1 pods have a solid felt roof designed to be sound dampening, but not sound proof. When installed in areas that comply with NFPA 72 (where fire alarms are a minimum of 15 dB above ambient sound levels), the fire alarm will be audible inside the pod. The Flex and Solo pods do not require fire suppression sprinklers as they comply with NFPA 13 (2022) Section 9.2.10 as "small temporarily occupied enclosure(s)."