Why won’t the keypad unlock the door?

A dead (missing, or improperly installed) battery is the most common reason for a failed keypad access. Luckily, it’s simple to fix.

Install new batteries

First try replacing the lock batteries. Here’s how. 

In addition to battery replacement, it’s also important to check that the wire harness that connects the battery compartment to the lock face is connected. 

If you aren’t able to open your Mamava pod with the keypad and need immediate access try these alternative methods:


Try the app

Use the Mamava app. Be sure your Bluetooth is on so the app can find the pod. When it does, it will give you an “Unlock” option. 


Use the key

If neither the keypad nor the app is working to open the pod, use the physical key to unlock it. But remember: the key is only a temporary solution until you repair the lock so breastfeeding parents can gain access on their own.


Use Micro USB cable to quickly charge lock battery (Solo V2.1 pods only)

If you lose both keys and need to change the lock battery on Solo V2.1 pods, use the USB-C Cable (a generic cable included with pod delivery or available in stores) to provide temporary power to open the lock. Note: Doing so won’t charge the lock as the provided batteries are not rechargeable.