How do I clean my Mamava pod?

Moms will be grateful you’re providing this comfortable, private space for pumping and nursing. They will be even more thankful, however, if it’s tidy and clean when they use it. Once the pod is installed, it’s your responsibility to keep it clean.

Making sure your pod is clean and sanitized is more important than ever.

The good news is that Mamava pods—with interior surfaces made of the same materials used in medical exam rooms and large-scale food prep areas—were intentionally designed to be easy to clean. 

Here’s a helpful list to guide you: 

1) Schedule regular cleanings. 

  • Place your Mamava pod on the same cleaning schedule as your bathrooms. 
  • We have created a handy cleaning chart that you can post on the outside of the pod to assure moms that the pod is disinfected frequently. You can download the file here to print out.

2) Be sure disinfection is part of your cleaning team’s process. Disinfect all surfaces, using a spray or wipe, with a thorough focus on the following areas: 

  • Door handle: Use a disinfecting product to wipe down the door handle(s), inside and out. 

  • Shelves: Use a disinfecting product to wipe down the shelf/shelves in the pod.

  • Benches: Use a disinfecting product to wipe down the bench/benches in the pod.

3) We recommend vacuuming both sides of the fan(s) as part of your regularly scheduled cleaning.
  • Pods are well-ventilated, with interior fans capable of at least 35 ACH (Air Changes per Hour).
  • To clean the fans you will need to access the fans located above the roof pan.
4) Encourage moms to clean up. 
  • Your pod is only as clean as the last mom who used it—communicate the importance of good hygiene practices to anyone who might use the pod.
  • Download this PDF with helpful tips on how moms can keep the pod clean for others. 
5) Offer amenities for moms. 
  • Place a trash can outside or near the unit—not inside.
  • Consider supplying hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing surface wipes. Keep them stocked and refill as needed. 
  • We offer two sanitization bundles to make it easy to offer breastfeeding moms on-site spot cleaning:
      • Mamava’s Hand Sanitizer Bundle: A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser that adheres to the pod’s interior wall and one gallon of fragrance-free gel sanitizer designed for the dispenser. 
      • Sanitizing Wipes Bundle: Includes a stainless steel wipes dispenser with built-in trash can to place outside the pod and one roll of 800 wipes to get your started.

Additional Resources

Remember, by offering a clean, secure, single-use place for breastfeeding and pumping, you’re helping moms provide their babies breast milk, which has important health benefits for moms and babies. 

For additional pod amenities that moms will appreciate, check out this article.

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