How do I disassemble a Mamava Solo V2.0 or V2.1 pod?

Mamava pods are designed to be easy to disassemble when you need to move or store them.

This article is for a Solo V 2.0  or V2.1 pod.  Use this link for disassembly steps for a Solo V1 pod and this link for a Solo V1.1 pod. Not sure which version Solo pod you have? Use this link to find out.

Before you move or store your Mamava Solo pod, you’ll first need to disassemble it. To do so you will want to follow the assembly instructions that came with your pod, in reverse order, back to front.  

Keep track of your pod’s hardware so that you have it ready for reassembly when the time comes. We suggest taping the hardware near the screw holes on the pod or placing them in clear plastic bags for future use. Avoid taping screws to the interior or exterior panels in a place that could scratch the pod. Keep them taped in places that are out of sight to reduce potential damage during transport.

If you didn’t keep the original packing materials for your pod, you’ll need to collect enough material to secure the components. 

People required: 2

Average time: 1.5 hours

Tools required 

  • 6’ ladder
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • 5 mm hex key

Don't use power tools as they can strip the pod's hardware. 

Additional Recommendations

  • Light working gloves (as some components have sharp edges)
  • Painters tape to keep the hardware taped on the pod  
  • Packing material for safe storage

Always unplug the pod from its primary power source before disassembling!

Friendly reminder:  Once you’ve moved your pod, let us know how you want your Mamava pod listed on the app by filling out this short form.

While the Solo disassembly is fairly easy,  please note that we can also provide this service for you. Contact us below and we'll get you an estimate!