How do I promote my pod through internal communications?

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. With this Mamava pod, you’re offering breastfeeding parents a much-needed amenity—so shout it out from the rooftops! Or try these more appropriate suggestions.

  • Issue an internal news release to celebrate the arrival of your pod. 
  • Host a ribbon-cutting. Use this time to introduce the space and how it works, including information about how breastfeeding parents access it and what the space should NOT be used for (anything besides pumping or nursing). Repeat periodically or incorporate into your company’s onboarding process. Don’t forget to mention why it’s important to have this space.
  • Include information about your pod in your newsletters and  internal communications (e.g., intranet). Be sure to list the location of your pod(s),  information about access, and help make sure that breastfeeding and expecting employees (and visitors) know about your pod before they need it.
  • We’ve got a guide to help you talk about breastfeeding with employees and guests! Find it here.

Looking for more resources? Use our go-to guide full of helpful tips and templates to promote your pod and celebrate your breastfeeding support.