How do I replace broken parts?

We get it—accidents happen. This article will cover how to order replacement parts for your Mamava pod.

If the damage was due to installation, shipping, or something that’s covered under warranty, check out this article for next steps.

  1. If your pod is not functioning correctly, we recommend searching our Help Center for troubleshooting information that can help. 
  2. If your pod is damaged, take photos of the damage and send them to Be sure to include your company name and the pod location. 
  3. To order the part, fill out this form and include the name and number of the part (if you have it.)
    1. You can find the part number in the assembly instructions that came with your pod. 
Our team will help determine if the part is covered by your warranty by filling out the contact form below. If it is, we’ll ship it to you! If it’s not, we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of replacing the part and coordinate shipping and installation.