How do I assemble a Mamava pod?

Mamava pods are easy to assemble, especially when you're prepared. Please see below for an overview of the process. You’ll also find a list of additional helpful resources at the bottom of this article.

1. Move your pallet to the assembly spot.

2. Opening and unboxing your pallet.
Use a box cutter to remove the plastic wrap. (If your pod is a Solo V1.1, please note that you’ll need a drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit to disassemble the packing crate.) Do not use power tools to assemble the pod as they can damage the surfaces. The cardboard can be recycled while the crate and pallet must be discarded. 

3. Start assembling.
It takes two people and four hours to assemble an Original or XL pod (if available, a third person can be helpful). The Solo pod can be assembled by two people in under two hours.  

4. When it’s all done, celebrate!
Give yourself or your fellow assembly-people a pat on the back. Maybe even a nice cold drink.

5. If you need to move your Original or XL pod, level it.

Casters make it easy to roll an Original or XL pod a few feet. If you do, you’ll need to level it in its final spot. Details on how to level your pod are provided in the assembly guide and in this video. The Solo pod does not have casters and must be disassembled to relocate safely.

6. Download the Owner’s Manual.

You’ll find a handout in the bag with your pod’s hardware that has a link to download the Owner's Manual and the assembly instructions. If you’re not the person who will be responsible for maintaining the pod, please pass this info along to the person who is.

7. Snap a picture of your new pod.
Orient your phone horizontally, back up about 15’ and capture a stunning shot, head-on. Send it to so we can add it to our app.

8. Let us know it’s set up.
Email to let us know your pod is set up and ready.

9. Spread the word!
Use the “Promoting Your Pod” section of the Help Center for guidance on getting the word out! 

Helpful Resources: 
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