Original/XL Seismic Kit Assembly Guide

The Mamava Original and XL pods have an optional Seismic Kit to meet OSHPD seismic standards. If you ordered a kit for your pod, but misplaced the assembly guide, we have included one here.

The Seismic Kit will ensure that your pod meets OSHPD seismic standards. Please be aware that you are responsible for drilling the anchor holes in the concrete substrate—in accordance with OPM-0303-13—where the pod will be placed. The instructions for drilling the anchor holes can be found on page five of the assembly instructions. Mamava’s team of third-party installers will then complete the installation of the seismic anchoring and assemble the pod onto the bracketing system.  

Please use this guide to assemble your Seismic Kit. 

To learn more about the process of ordering and installing Mamava’s Seismic Kit to meet OSHPD requirements click here