Why can't I close the door?

If the door of your Mamava pod isn’t shutting all the way, you’ll need to identify the cause. This article will help you figure out—and fix—the issue so that moms will feel secure when they’re using your pod.

There are a couple of reasons that the door might not close all the way. Here’s how to determine which one is affecting your pod. 

Reason 1:  The door closer arm is not connected to the door. 

Check the interior of your pod’s door. If the door closer’s arm is not connected, complete the door installation as depicted below: 

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 4.00.29 PM

Reason 2: The door closer needs to be adjusted. 

If the door closer is not adjusted properly, it will affect how the door closes. Use a flat screwdriver to adjust the latching speed adjustment screw on the closer at the top of the door (marked with a “1”).

Reason 3: The Mamava pod is not level and the door jambs are out of alignment. 

Mamava pods need to be on flat, level surfaces to work properly. If your pod has been moved or if the floor is uneven, it may be out of alignment. Luckily, this can be addressed. Use this article for more information on how to level your ADA or Original pod or Solo V1.1 pod.