Why is the signage and logo placement different on my new pod?

As we evolve our pod graphics, you may notice small improvements to our standard branding elements.

For pod orders placed on or after September 2020, some of the visible changes include: 

  • A new usage line:  At Mamava, we want to ensure our pods are welcoming to all parents, including those who may not identify with breastfeeding. In order to make our pods more inclusive, the usage line on the door has been updated to “Lactation Pod.”
  • Streamlined Mamava logo: If you opt to have your logo on the door, with our built-to-order graphics option, the Mamava logo on the left of the door handle will just be the Mamava wordmark. 
  • Updated access decals: The access decal stickers have been updated.  To see the current designs click here