Does Mamava offer relocation services to move pods?

Mamava pods are designed to be freestanding so they can be easily relocated. There are a variety of ways to relocate your pod depending on your needs.

Moving your pod a short distance within the same building?

Caster wheels enable Mamava pods to move short distances, but be sure to first adjust the leveling feet.  Read this article on how to raise the leveling feet to engage the caster wheels prior to moving your pod.

Moving your pod to a new floor within the same building or to a nearby building?

Pods must be disassembled to move further distances. Here are instructions on how to disassemble your pod:

XL V5 (formerly ADA V5)

XL V4 (formerly ADA V4)

Original V5

Original V4

Solo V2.0 or V2.1

Solo V1 pod

Looking to store or ship your Solo V2.0 or V2.1?

Mamava offers a reusable shipping crate that can be used to store and/or ship your Solo pod. The crate can be used for up to 10 pod relocations. We recommend that each pod be moved no more than five times. To learn more or purchase the Solo shipping crate, contact

If you already have the shipping crate, but have misplaced the guide, you can find information on how to pack your pod here.

Looking to relocate a fleet of Solo V2.0 or V2.1 pods? 

Mamava offers full-service relocation for large fleets of pods:

  1. Full-service regional pod relocation: A team of professional installers disassemble your Solo pod, move it within a 100-mile radius, and reinstall it on the same (or next!) day.
  2.  Full-service national pod relocation: A team of professional installers disassemble your Solo pod, ship it anywhere in the continental United States, and reinstall your pod in the new location.

To learn more or to purchase regional or national relocation services, contact