How do I relocate my Mamava pod?

Mamava pods are designed to be freestanding structures that can be easily relocated. The caster wheels (add-on for Solo pods) make the pod easy to move short distances. The pod’s leveling feet provide stability when the pod is in its final location.

Below you will find directions to adjust the leveling feet on XL, Original and Solo 2.0 pods to engage the caster wheels to move the pod short distances.  If you need to relocate your pod to another floor or to a distant location, we recommend that you completely disassemble the pod before you move it.  Follow these disassembly instructions:

XL V5 (formerly ADA V5) Disassembly Guide

XL V4 (formerly ADA V4) Disassembly Guide

Original V5 Disassembly Guide

Original V4 Disassembly Guide

Solo V2 Disassembly Guide

Note: The Mamava Solo V1.1 and V1 pods do not have caster wheels and must be completely disassembled to move.  Visit this article for Solo V1.1 disassembly instructions and this article for Solo V1 disassembly instructions. 

Required Tools

  • 5.5 mm hex key (or 7/32” equivalent) 
  • 9/16" socket wrench 
  • #3 Phillips head screwdriver

1. Access the leveling feet. 

For Solo pods:

  • Look under the pod base. 

For XL and Original pods:

  1. Remove the beauty panels below the benches using the hex key to loosen the Rotolock connectors.
  2. Remove the panel to reveal the heads of the red bolts. 
  3. One of each pair of bolts will be visible, while its partner is obscured by the bench frame. 
    Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 5.25.30 PM

2.  Raise the leveling feet to enable the casters.*

  1. Use the socket wrench to loosen each of the bolts (counterclockwise) until they turn easily by hand to raise the leveling feet. 
  2. Raise the leveling feet at least another inch to ensure they don’t catch on any carpet or floor seams. 
  3. Your pod is now ready to move a short distance.

3. Once your pod is in its new location, lower the leveling feet.

  1. Turn all bolts clockwise by hand and then tighten with a socket wrench.   

Please not that the caster wheels don’t move up or down. The leveling feet are raised or lowered to enable movement or maintain stability.

Once your pod is installed in its new location, plug it back into a wall outlet, make sure all its elements are working properly, and be sure to re-level it. 

Additional resources:

4. Tell the Mamava team the pod’s new location! 

Once you’ve moved your Mamava pod to its new location, please email or call us at 802-347-2111 ext 2. with the following information:

  • Pod address (if different)
  • Description of pod location (i.e. floor number, what the pod is near, etc.)
  • A photo of the pod in its new surroundings